Contact Information

Westview Retirement Community
1 Westview Drive
Grant, NE 69140

Phone: (308) 352-2133

Welcome to Westview Retirement CommunityEstablished in 1986, Westview is a nonprofit organization that provides an independent living retirement community that offers comfortable apartments and duplexes to older adults. 

Westview has worked with hundreds of individuals in both urban and rural communities throughout Nebraska and Colorado during its history. Westview has a reputation for offering a hands-on, practical approach to providing the best possible independent living experience possible.

Grant, Nebraska is a rural farming community of approximately 1,200 people. It is a four-hour drive from Denver, Colorado and is located near Lake McConaughy. Grant is described by those who live there as a progressive, fun community. Health care needs of the community are met through the local community hospital.

In 1986, Grant, Nebraska began to feel the effects of a declining farming industry. A group of seven couples in the com­munity began to meet regularly to discuss the state of affairs in Grant. These gatherings evolved into organized community brainstorming meetings on economic development. At these meetings, it was noted that seniors were leaving the community and taking their assets with them, because they were no longer able to provide the upkeep their homes required. These seniors did not require nursing home care, yet they could not easily stay in their own homes. They were leaving their friends and community because there were no adequate housing alternatives available in Grant. With this realization, the Westview Retirement Community Project was launched.

During our 23-year history, we have strived to build long-lasting, impactful relationships with individuals, families and the local communities across Nebraska and the surrounding states. We are fully committed to developing a comfortable and well-managed facility, through our work with individuals, families and communities.