Contact Information

Westview Retirement Community
1 Westview Drive
Grant, NE 69140

Phone: (308) 352-2133

Welcome to Westview Retirement CommunityOur mission

Perkins County Retirement Association (PCRA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to making housing, services and programs available to older adults and their families.  Through Westview, a retirement community, PCRA provides an environment that enables seniors to maintain quality of life and personal dignity.  PCRA is dedicated to maintaining a Christian emphasis in all its endeavors. 

Our Core Values and Beliefs:

    • We believe in Choice & Self Direction
      We value the importance of people having options and exercising their Choices, setting personal goals and making informed decisions.
    • We believe in Individual Respect
      We value and hold in high regard human life, and Respect the wishes, dreams, and ideals of individuals including, but not limited to, those who wish to contribute to their community through employment or volunteer activities.
    • We believe in Community
      We value Community as a place where people live, work, and play, and have friends and relationships that are bonded by similar beliefs, common interests, mutual respect, shared ideas, and similar experiences.
    • We believe in Diversity among People
      We value Diversity as a special gift for our society and believe it should be shared, not hidden. We strive to preserve and highlight the dignity in being different, whether by ethnicity, religion, family composition, physical or cognitive abilities, or historical experiences.
    • We believe in Creativity
      We value Creativity by encouraging the use of people’s imaginations by promoting fun in work and play, by taking calculated risks, and by encouraging individuals to invent and test new ways to help others.
    • We believe In Partnerships
      We value our Partnerships with individuals, families, and community providers and through these trusting alliances we use our special skills, knowledge, and talents to further our mission.