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Westview Retirement Community
1 Westview Drive
Grant, NE 69140

Phone: (308) 352-2133

Welcome to Westview Retirement CommunityEnsuring our residents are offered the quality of life they deserve is a priority for Westview. Our General Endowment Fund, Capital Endowment Fund and Good Samaritan Fund are key to allowing us to fulfull our mission and your support is vital.


General Endownment Fund

The General Endowment Fund enables Westview (PCRA) to initiate projects and expand the quality of services and facilities at Westview. This fund is also intended as a source of stability for Westview in times of economic stress.

The General Endowment Fund is part of the sustainable funding program for Westview. An endowment is a fund that is created for an organization for a long-term growth project, or as a fund that helps to maintain a small portion of the ongoing annual budget. Endowment funds are raised, set aside in some form of investment, and the principle is not touched. However, the interest earnings are used for the project/program/capital campaign and/or long term funding for the organization. For more information, please call the Westview office at (308) 352-2133, to speak with Ronda Hutt about giving to the General Endowment Fund.

Capital Endowment Fund

The Capital Endowment Fund enables PCRA to reduce Westview’s long-term mortgage debt on an ongoing basis. By so doing, PCRA can assure a brighter future for residents by keeping rent and service fees affordable for our elderly residents. Please consider giving to the Capital Endowment Fund. To find out more about the Capital Endowment Fund, please contact Ronda Hutt at (308) 352-2133.

Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund provides funds for residents who need financial assistance in meeting living expenses, rental help and meals. This is a special fund that enables the residents of Westview to rest assured that their basic needs will be met on a monthly basis. Please call the office at (308) 352-2133 to talk to Ronda Hutt to discuss how you can give to the Good Samaritan Fund.

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