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About Us


Westview, an independent living community, has been guided by a shared vision and belief that people who are seniors can live productive lives if given the support and means to do so. Creating options and encouraging individuals and families to choose among these options is what we are all about!

One important key to our success is community involvement. Because our organization is community centered, we do a thorough job assessing the community's needs, desires, and concerns when it comes to serving our seniors. More importantly, we formulate our programs and conduct our activities in a manner responsive to those identified needs, desires and concerns.

Our Mission

Perkins County Retirement Association (PCRA) is a non-profit organization committed to making housing, services, and programs available to older adults and their families. Through Westview, PCRA provides an environment that enables seniors to maintain quality of life and personal dignity. PCRA is dedicated to maintaining a Christian emphasis in all its endeavors.

Our Logo

The Westview logo, designed by Mark Regier, captures the serenity and 
weathered" grace that can be achieved only after many years of life experiences. The tree is representatives of his grace symbolizing survival and the wisdom and peace that no young sapling could every convey.

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