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The price of freedom from the stresses and responsibilities that come with owning and maintaining your own home are eliminated at Westview.

Standard and Deluxe

Standard Congregate Unit: 525 sq. ft., $1,598.00

Deluxe Congregate Unit: 625 sq. ft., $1,766.00




Payment for a duplex is made through an equity refund plan. The plan has been designed for those who wish to convert their current assets into retirement housing.

The equity payment made is equal to the value of the duplex. When a resident leaves, Westview will pay the resident or resident's estate an equity refund based on the following schedule:

  • 98% for first calendar month of occupancy

  • Calendar months 2-46 of occupancy

The original payment will be amortized at a monthly rate of one-half percent for months 47 and after, 75% will be refunded.​

1,072 sq. ft. + garage (cost varies according to duplex size and date of construction.)

Monthly service fee:  $393.00

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