Our caring staff is hired to take care of our residents with the upmost respect. We ensure that we offer a positive and helpful environment to both our guests and residents.

Board Members

Westview Retirement Community is ran by the Perkins County Retirement Association (PCRA). The Board members listed below are voted during our annual PCRA meeting to represent the Association. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month.

Board of Directors

President: Marian Glunz

Vice President: Gary Newth

Secretary: Tawna Holmstedt

Treasurer: Jessie Faber

Member: Kevin Harms

Member: Donna Mayer

Resident Representative: Wendell Carothers

Duties of the members include managing the affairs of the Corporation between meetings, adopt or amending By-Laws for the government of the Corporation, arranging fundraisers, controling the distribution of funds, and more.